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Cook / Eat / Collaborate with Nell Stephenson

Cook / Eat / Collaborate with Nell Stephenson

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Are you looking to get to the bottom of those mysterious stomach issues, lose that stubborn weight, rip off the sugar-band aid or learn how to adopt an anti-aging eating protocol?

Commonwealth friend, Nell Stephenson, strategic eating + food coach / chef, offers custom packages, tailor made just for you, designed to create your personal eating blueprint.

Nell works with clients on an individual basis to help them determine which foods will work for them.   While she tends to follow an authentic, ancestral-insired approach, she has found it is not one-size fits all; we are all unique and sometimes need to tune in to investigate what does and does not work.

As a special introduction to meeting Nell and working with her privately, we are happy to announce a series of cooking parties (they’re too fun to call them classes!), specifically crafted just for the women of Commonwealth, held once per month in Nell’s home in the Palisades.

The theme for this session is Fall Favorites ,Three Veggies, Three Proteins, Unlimited Flavor


A fusion of conversation, cooking and collaborating in a communal setting while we create a colorful, balanced, decadent meal to share



   •     learn how a food-first approach is the key step in addressing many health concerns

   •     create delicious meals with in-season produce and local proteins in a cost- effective manner

   •     become more efficient in the kitchen

   •     learn why eating food that tastes good can be the same as food that is good for you

   •     lose your fear of eating fat and why this will actually lead you to a lean body as well as ward off many health issues

   •     address picky family members' eating habits

   •     tune into your own body to create your own eating blueprint

This hands-on cooking lesson, using Farmer's Market produce and mindfully sourced proteins, focus on simplicity; many have less than three ingredients and three steps!

Not only will you benefit, but your family will reap the rewards of what you take away, too.

We'll chat, cook and taste test as we go.

Space is limited to 12 guests, so be sure to sign up soon.

*Participants will receive food journal and Q&A to complete prior to workshop in order to provide Nell with some background info on everyone.

*Please bring a glass lock container to take away extras.

**No refunds

Nell’s areas of expertise include GI issues, AI (autoimmune) protocol, weight loss (becoming a better fat burner) and performance nutrition for athletes.

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