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January New Year - New You Women's Breakfast


New Year - New You


We have an exciting morning planned for all our ladies.



CARLA ONDRASIK Speaker & Motivator



How eliminating just one word from our vocabulary can mean the difference between success and failure in achieving our daily goals. A natural born motivator, Carla has been living the information she presents for her entire life!

Carla’s interesting and inspiring career path began with a Department of Defense top secret security clearance via:  Northrop Corporation, to Employee Relations Coordinator for Sundstrand Aviation, and ultimately as Vice President of Creative Writer Development for EMI Music Publishing, where, in the highly competitive world of music, she made dreams a reality for songwriters and recording artists on America’s top billboard charts.

Morgan Yakus IMG_3823.JPG

Manifest your 2018 dreams with MORGAN YAKUS -A Modern Meditation Teacher & Wellness Expert.

Morgan Yakus, is a 20 year fashion veteran and former owner of No.6 store in New York's Little Italy, she did everything she wanted to do before leaving fashion, including styling Lauryn Hill's for her Miss Education Tour, PR for Gucci and designing and curating vintage inspiration for many influential designers. Her natural departure from fashion gave way to her truest calling as a bicoastal wellness expert who works with clients around the world, facilitating active meditation, modern integrative hypnosis, NLP and past life regression. She has been listed top five healers by VOGUE to the fashion world.

Sometimes new years resolutions seem hard to achieve and often times we have a long laundry list of the things we "must" do for the year. Research now shows that picking fewer goals are more effective. Having a theme for the year like health, productivity, organization and healthy relationships, success have more staying power than a long list of resolutions. Morgan will teach you how to manifest and actualize your goals in a way in which you can see results. You will cultivate one word, phrase or mantra that will reflect your top resolutions on your list and receive tips about how to weave your theme through your year. Morgan will create a active meditation to help you further design your dreams.


ALISON HERSEL the founder of ENDPAIN and is the driving force behind the brand’s mission and properties. With over a decade of experience in successful creative and corporate ventures, she operates and oversees ENDPAIN by directing the highest-caliber collaborators from various fields of expertise.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and that by sharing our stories of pain and healing, we learn from and better empathize with one another. 

We are catalysts for personal and societal change. We promote projects that help heal communities through grassroots efforts, advocate for open and honest dialogues about how our experiences shape our lives, and encourage individuals to replace shame-based narratives surrounding pain and trauma with stories of ownership and pride.