What an amazing day in Malibu yesterday meeting Some amazing women and hanging with my soul sister Samm Murphy drinking cocktails and catching up. And thank you to Patsy Palmer for putting on an amazing breakfast with such an incredible mission and raising money for an amazing cause. These days exemplify the power of women with a dream which you know is right up my street ;-) Look forward to more breakfasts as long as you promise to provide tissues ;-)) #soinspiring #commonwealthlifestyle
— Noor H., Malibu, CA
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Thanks to the Commonwealth breakfast I realised my purpose and this has given me the desire to share my experience and to learn from other courageous women.
— Hannah Dunne

There’s no doubt in my mind that I am the man I am today because I was fortunate to have strong female role models in my life. For a large period of my life I was raised by a single mother. A mother who was raising two boys, working a full-time job and going to night school to get her Masters degree. How she did it, I will never know. I can attribute some to her drive and strength and I can attribute the rest to the community of women and extraordinary individuals that we were fortunate to have around us. The value of community can never be overstated and that’s why I so strongly support Patsy and the Commonwealth Lifestyle. Their mission to support and empower women is incredibly important and the results of their work will no doubt impact generations to come.
— Andrew


Christina Pack owns Wild at Heart Florist in Los Angeles.  She discovered her love for flowers in 2002, while working in the floral department at a local grocery store. She found working with flowers to be a wonderful creative outlet. Over the years, she has had other jobs, including working as a Business Development Manager for a large construction company, but realized in 2014 that her passion to work with flowers was too strong to ignore and wanted to find a way to do what she loved. That is when she decided to make the gutsy decision to open her own floral business and pursue her floral dreams.  Christina has been attending Patsy’s Commonwealth Lifestyle breakfasts for over a year and they have empowered her and have given her the confidence to continue on her path to maintaining a successful business.  Being around other driven and successful women that support you is everything!  

Thank You!